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Civil War Traveler
Virginia History Sites
VHS: The Story of Virginia
LVA: Students and Educators
America's Story
Explore Monticello
50 States
Ben's Guide to the US Government
The Lewis and Clark 200 Archive
The English Collection
History by Topic
Britannica: Uncle Sam
The Census
Library of Congress: Lesson Plans
The White House: History of Presidents
American Presidents
ibiblio: Presidents
Enchanted Learning: Explorers
Kid Info: American History
Canadian Museum of History: The Explorers
Guardian's Egypt
PBS - Nova: Pyramids
The History Learning Site: Rome
Thought Co.: Ancient History and Culture
Quatr: Study Guides
Ancient Greece
Cyber Sleuth Kids: History
Country Reports
Thought Co: European History
Hartford: World History Archives
Mr. Dowling: Chinese History
History Channel - Black History Month
Info Please: Black History
Myth Man: Greek Mythology Homework Help Site
encyclopedia Mythica
Folktext:Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Myth Web
Irish literature, mythology, folklore and drama
Smithsonian Magazine
Gamequarium - Social Studies
History of Money
Money Instructor

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