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How Do I?

Board of Trustees
MemberTerm ExpiresRepresenting
Rick WardJun/2025 Library Director
Lewis TurnerJun/2025 Henry County
Rebecca AdcockJun/2025 Patrick County
Bill KirbyJun/2023 Martinsville
Sherry VestalJun/2025 Henry County
Margaret CaldwellJun/2025 Henry County
Betsy HaskinsJun/2023 Henry County (Chair)
Lora MahaffeyJun/2025 Patrick County
Rives ColemanJun/2024 Martinsville

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“If we mandated that every school provided children with fully stocked, technology-rich libraries, there wouldn't be as many inmates in need of prison libraries.” ― Jerry Jordan
Policy on Public Participation at Library Board Meetings

A period of Public Comment shall be provided as part of the Agenda for the Library Board of Trustees regular monthly meetings. The Public Comment Period is provided to permit Henry County, Patrick County and City of Martinsville residents or property owners an opportunity to address the Board on legitimate matters of library business. This period shall be governed by the following provisions:

  • The Public Comment period shall be strictly limited to five (5) minutes per speaker and restricted to residents of Henry County, Patrick County and the City of Martinsville or owners of property located within those localities. The matters on which speakers may address the Board shall be limited to legitimate matters of library business. No speaker shall engage in political statements, personal attacks upon members of the Board of Trustees, library employees, or any other person, nor are speakers entitled to use abusive language or discuss matters outside of the authority of the Board of Trustees. Violation of these rules shall enable the Chairman to rule the speaker out of order and by directive to have the speaker removed from the meeting, if necessary, and to take such other steps the Chairman deems appropriate, including bringing charges against the speaker in the name of the Board of Trustees.

  • All persons wishing to speak during the Public Comment period must register to do so on a sign-up sheet available immediately prior to and during the period. Speakers shall address the Board upon recognition by the Chairman, whereupon they shall identify themselves, any title and organization they represent, and provide a mailing address. The Chairman at his discretion may provide a verbal advisory to a speaker after four (4) minutes and thirty (30) seconds have elapsed to conclude comments. A timing device may be used in addition to or in lieu of Chairman giving notice.

  • Board members and library employees may not respond to questions posed nor address or rebut speaker’s statements made during the Public Comment period. Matters raised during the Public Comment period may be discussed during Board Member Reports and the Board at its discretion may direct that such matters be placed on the Agenda of a future meeting.

The provisions of this subsection shall be stated on the Public Comment sign-up sheet. Speakers shall acknowledge their understanding of, and agreement to, abide by these provisions by registering to speak.

Approved by Governing Board August 17, 2022

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